The new Royal Gibraltar Police website will be officially launched tomorrow Thursday, October 24 2019 at 2pm.

The enhanced website reflects the RGPs desire to increase public confidence and greater community engagement as identified in the Annual Policing Plan.

It will include many new features including an anonymous online reporting tool for non-emergency crime, missing persons and suspicious activity.

The information will be processed immediately by a Crown Sergeant at the RGP control room to determine if further police action is required. This is the first time that such a facility will be available in Gibraltar. Additionally it will serve as an information resource for police officers.

A public advice and information section has also been incorporated.

RGP Commissioner Ian McGrail said that the aim of the initiative is to improve communications with the general public by means of a vastly improved and modern website, designed as a user friendly facility.

Another of the main objectives of the website is to decongest the RGP telephone lines, particularly the 1-9-9 which often attracts an inordinate amount of non-emergency calls, and also minimise the need for attendance to the public counter at New Mole House.

The public is reminded that emergencies should continue to be notified to the police via the 1-9-9 telephone line.

In due course the website will also be able to transact payments for online services.

Commissioner McGrail said: “I am delighted that the new RGP website is now available as it will become an effective, additional instrument in developing our contact with the community in a fast and direct manner. We are confident that it will greatly assist and benefit the public and encourage them to make good use of it. Our intention is to see it being utilised as a conduit for non-emergency police business and we look forward to examining how it benefits us and proves its practical worth to the RGP and the public at large.”

The RGP would also like to express its gratitude to Piranha Designs for their support and hard work throughout this project.