In 2015, The Chief Minister announced that he was to bring legislation to Parliament to set up a Consultative Council, along the same lines as the Privy Council in the United Kingdom, to consider such issues that are above party politics but which affect the national interest.

The first meeting of this Consultative Council is planned for Monday 24 July, to be held at No 6 Convent Place.

The first meeting of the Council will include only “post holder members” and “life members” of the Council, that is to say, individuals who are members of the Council by virtue of posts they hold or have held. Members of the Council who are appointed by the Chief Minister, or “ad hoc members” will be notified of the Chief Minister’s request to join the Council in coming weeks before a further meeting of the Council in the autumn.

The following “post holder members” and “life members” of the Gibraltar Consultative Council have been invited to attend :

As Post-Holders:

The Chief Minister, who will act as Chairman The Deputy Chief Minister

The Minister for Justice

The Leader of the Opposition

As Life Members:

Those individuals who have held the post of Chief Minister

Those individuals who have held the post of Deputy Chief Minister

The Chief Minister has reached out with a personal invitation to the new Leader of the Opposition, Hon Mr Roy Clinton, to attend the first meeting of the Council. In a statement, Government have said that Mr Clinton has "declined the invitation on the grounds that it remains GSD policy not to attend."

The Chief Minister said: “I am very pleased that the Consultative Council will meet for the first time on Monday. I have been very keen to get the work of the Council going. This is a time in our history when we need to have all of Gibraltar’s best brains working together in the common interest of Gibraltar. That is what the Council will set out to achieve. It will provide a sounding board of advice for a Chief Minister on matters which transcend the party political and which are in the national interest of Gibraltar. I am grateful to all those who are entitled to membership by virtue of the posts they hold or have held who have indicated that they are able to attend on Monday. I will look forward to the meeting which I expect will concentrate on the future workings of the Council which I trust will endure long after I leave Government and the post of Chief Minister.