Government claims there has been 'no change in the Dementia Facility storyline, not even in the GSD's failure to understand dementia'.

The Govt have issued a statement in which they say " Mr Clinton may not be capable of making more than one particular point in any given argument, but saying that the dementia facilities are a complex project AND that we will avoid paying over the odds, is not a change of storyline, as both are true and are both perfectly valid.

"Mr Clinton is not as well informed as he seems to think when he suggests that there may have been a change in the preferred supplier of carers for the Dementia Residential Unit. No formal announcement has been made, but the applicant, selected after a thorough competitive procedure by a panel of experts, has been informed and is already preparing for the task ahead. Work on opening the facilities are progressing well across all areas."

Minister for Health, the Hon Dr John Cortes, commented: “I’ve never smoked in my life, much less generated any type of smokescreen. I will ensure that we get the best facilities for dementia care that Gibraltar has ever had, just like I ensured that we have the best Mental Health facility that Gibraltar has ever had. And we are very close indeed to opening the new Unit.