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"The continuing degree of inconsistency in the public statements made by the Opposition is quite extraordinary. The latest example of this inconsistency is their comment on the works to refurbish Laguna Estate."

The Opposition campaigned before the general election on the ticket that the Government was spending too much money. "This money was being spent precisely on projects like the refurbishment and beautification works on Government estates", explain Govt, "It was never quite clear how the GSD could maintain a position against the expenditure, without being against the actual works themselves, given that these are designed to improve the quality of life of those living there."

"The Opposition have now moved from arguing that too much was being spent too quickly, to saying that too little is being spent too slowly! It is clear that they will never be happy with anything that this Government does."

"The Government is transforming Laguna and other Government estates after these suffered years of abandonment and neglect when the GSD was in office."

"In addition to the beautification work, the project involves the installation of the new lifts which themselves require additional three-phase electrical works to be completed. This Government estimated that all the works would be completed in various phases between September 2016 and April 2017. Until then, the Opposition would be very wise not to complain about any missed deadlines."