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The Govt has launched a booklet which sets out the reasons why people in Gibraltar should vote to remain in the European Union in the coming referendum on 23 June. This follows the practice in the United Kingdom where the UK Government also published a booklet putting across its point of view.

The booklet highlights the cross-party nature of support to remain in the EU that exists in Gibraltar. It stresses the importance of a strong vote in favour of REMAIN and makes the point that every single vote will count to influence the outcome.

The booklet identifies a number of areas where it is in Gibraltar’s interests to remain in the EU.


Gibraltar has access to the EU institutions at the highest level;

Together with the South West of England we elect 6 MEPs;

We fight legal battles in Brussels and we often win;

EU told Spain that our bunkering industry, reef and reclamation all complied with EU law;

EU law helps to keep Spain in check;

EU Commission stopped Spain from proceeding with frontier toll in 2013;

Three inspection visits to the border have improved the flow from what it was in 2013;

Spanish Foreign Minister pointed to joint-sovereignty if UK leaves EU and Gibraltar wished to remain;

Spanish Foreign Ministry not ruled out closing the border in the event of Brexit.


A vote to leave the EU would create years of uncertainty;

No Member State has left the EU before so UK’s departure would be unprecedented;

Gibraltar would need to piggy-back on the UK renegotiations;

We could end up with less access to the Single Market;

Our successful economic model is based on our EU membership;

Our EU status serves as a magnet to attract investment;

EU funding is available for public and private sector projects.


EU promotes greater security,peace and stability;

Our law enforcement agencies can cooperate with their counterparts in the rest of the EU;

The European Arrest Warrant is an example of how we are more secure.


About ten million people visit Gibraltar mainly for tourism purposes.

Tens of thousands of people live in Spain and work in Gibraltar in this way contributing to
our economy;

Gibraltarians and Gibraltar residents can take advantage of cross-border provision of services;

Gibraltar ID card is a valid travel document for EU travel;

Outside the EU any EU embassy can provide you with assistance;

Cost of roaming on a mobile has been lowered and will be lowered further still.


EU sets standards for consumer goods;

Safety at work promoted by EU law;

28 days paid leave a year;

48 hour week maximum and ensuring working day does not exceed 13 hours;

Vulnerable workers are protected;

Protection against discrimination;

Equal opportunities;

Parental leave;

EU at the forefront of the protection of the Environment;

EU health card provides free healthcare when travelling in the EU.

The Deputy Chief Minister Dr Joseph Garcia, who is the Minister for European Affairs, said:

“The rules of the referendum mean that the Government will no longer be able to put across its point of view on this matter as from 27 May, when purdah kicks in. This means that no Government, the UK Government, the Scottish Government, the Welsh or Northern Ireland administrations, will be able to explain its position to the voting electorate after that date. This restriction also covers the Government of Gibraltar. The campaign in Gibraltar will then be limited to the different entities and organisations of a non-Governmental nature like the Stronger IN campaign, the political parties and the different representative bodies. 

The Government thought that it was important, for this reason, to follow the United Kingdom and set out our position in a booklet and to make that available to the electorate so that they are fully aware of it. 

The Government is absolutely convinced that the future of Gibraltar lies within the European Union and takes this opportunity to urge people to vote to REMAIN.

The booklets will be delivered to households in Gibraltar over the next week.