On Workers’ Memorial Day,  Government introduced a new Health and Safety Policy specifically designed for Gibraltar as part of an ongoing wholesale strategy to develop and strengthen Health & Safety procedures. The Ministry of Business and Employment have announced the composition of the Health and Safety Advisory Council established under the new Health and Safety Policy.

The Advisory Council will form part of the Health and Safety review and will work in tandem with the Health and Safety Inspectorate. HM GoG has overall responsibility for complying with legal requirements relating to health and safety at work. It must ensure that health and safety is managed effectively in order to protect employees, Government officials, contractors, visitors and the general public.

The role of the Health and Safety Advisory Council is to develop and review safe systems of work and safety procedures. One of the first tasks for the Health & Safety Advisory Council, will be to ensure that the newly introduced Health and Safety Policy is considered in consultation with the union or employee consultative bodies and that any recommendations for any amendments are reported to the Council.

The Health and Safety Advisory Council is committed to consult with safety representatives and employees during any visits that they may undertake as part of their duties. The Council is formed by representatives from different sectors, namely: Neil F Costa MP – Minister for Business and Employment, John Reyes – Chief Executive of the Ministry of Business and Employment, Richard Perera – Senior Health and Safety Inspector, George Dudley – Director of Employment and representatives of Unite the Union, the Gibraltar General and Clerical Association, the Gibraltar Teacher’s Association, the Gibraltar Chamber of Commerce, the Gibraltar Federation of Small Businesses and the Public Sector Health and Safety Committee.

The Health and Safety Advisory Council will:

  • analyse accidents and causes of notifiable occupational diseases;
  • review risk assessments;
  • examine safety audit reports;
  • monitor the effectiveness of health and safety training;
  • consider reports and information provided by Health and Safety inspectors;
  • monitor and review the adequacy of Health and Safety communication and publicity within 
  • the workplace; and
  • continuously monitor all arrangement for Health and Safety and revise them whenever necessary.

Commenting on the above, the Minister for Business and Employment, the Hon Neil F Costa MP, said: “Following my recent announcement on the newly introduced Health and Safety Policy, I am pleased to say that this Government continues in its determination to make the workplace as safe as possible for all concerned, by improving the standards of Health and Safety. As I recently stated, this is only the beginning of a series of measures that will be introduced to improve Health and Safety procedures. The next stage will involve work to define the responsibilities of management towards Health and Safety. I am convinced that this Council will contribute to making workplaces in Gibraltar safer for all concerned. Once these policies are introduced and the structures established are working satisfactorily, the Government will start the consultation process with the private sector










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