Ministry Of Business and Employment and Ministry Of Health, the Environment, Energy and Climate Change welcome and support Young Enterprise Business Green Initiative.

Following a recent initiative from Vision, a new Young Enterprise business, the Ministry of Business and Employment and the Ministry for Health, the Environment, Energy and Climate Change are announcing their support and rightly welcome the new Vision Green scheme. Businesses that purchase Vision’s eco-friendly products will be certified by them as helping to conserve resources. This initiative will help promote and raise awareness of more environmentally friendly usage of stationery and other office equipment. Businesses who receive the Vision Green certificate will be able to demonstrate to consumers that they are helping the environment by using eco-friendly products. The Ministries will support this idea by purchasing a batch of wooden USB sticks.

The Minister for Health, the Environment, Energy and Climate Change, the Hon Dr John Cortes MP said: “It is very inspiring to see a group of young individuals starting a business that concentrates solely on the protection of the environment. I am hoping that this emphasis on green stationery catches on and a snowball effect is created where we will see more and more people buying green, environmentally friendly products, which will ultimately be beneficial to the environment.”

Commenting on the above, the Minister for Business and Employment, the Hon Neil F Costa MP said: “It is very gratifying to see, how young minds creatively working together, have started such an original business idea. In today’s competitive and technologically developed world, Vision is a very good example of a small startup company finding a niche in the market and maximising its commercial potential. It will hopefully encourage other budding enrepreneurs to develop an innovative idea to grow into a successful business. The fact that this idea is a green initiative makes it even more special, as it is helping the environment’s conservation.” PG