Opening remarks by Chief Minister during today's Press Conference;

'Ladies and Gentlemen

Thank you for being with us this morning on this auspicious occasion.

It is a pleasure to welcome Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond to Gibraltar.

Chief Minister Fabian Picardo with Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond

In the time since I was first elected in 2011 I have been working with Philip first in his capacity as Secretary of State for Defence and more recently as Foreign Secretary.

In all his dealings with my Government he has been supportive of Gibraltar and of our enduring relationship with the United Kingdom and of the defence of our right to freely and democratically determine our own future.

Today, in particular, we have had a chance to discuss the opportunities and challenges that Gibraltar and the United Kingdom face and how best we can continue to work in partnership in facing those challenges and making the most of those opportunities.

We have this morning considered, together with the Deputy Chief Minister, the potential outcomes of the referendum on whether the United Kingdom and Gibraltar should remain or leave the European Union.

We have all agreed that the best future for Britain and for Gibraltar is for there to be a vote to remain within the EU on the 23rd of June.

We have, of course, also discussed a number of other subjects on which we have regular contact and in respect of which you will be or have been handed a note already.

The Foreign Secretary may wish to now also say a few words.'