"The parking spaces on the public highway that have been temporarily lost are to be re-provided for Glacis residents inside the new building. There are over 120 spaces to be made available for residents of the area under the Government's residential parking scheme and there will be nearly 600 parking spaces created in total. These new parking spaces will be very convenient for the residents of Glacis and no doubt will be something that the tenants of Glacis Estate and the area will welcome wholeheartedly."

In its statement today, the Govt continues to explain it has invested a huge amount of money in the Glacis Estate and continues to do so. This has included spending millions of pounds on cladding the previously decrepit blocks. Additionally, the Government is also adding lifts to all the blocks.

They are now seeking to go further in its investment and looking to provide further parking for the residents of Glacis and the neighbouring area.

The Minister for Housing will be contacting the Estate Tenants Association within the next few days to arrange a meeting in which relevant issues can be raised.