Her Majesty’s Government of Gibraltar notes the concerns expressed by the Gibraltar Federation of Sea Anglers (GFSA) in relation to possible details in changes being considered to some aspects of some types of recreational fishing from boats for non-residents. This is being considered exclusively in relation to type ‘B’ licences, which is line fishing from boats, and does not include fishing from shore, long lines, spearfishing or tuna fishing. These were discussed at length on Tuesday evening during the course of a two hour meeting between GFSA, the Minister for the Environment Dr John Cortes, and Department of the Environment officials.

As was made clear then and at the time of discussion at the Fishing Working Group - which is composed of many different stakeholders - last week, the details of any proposed changes which are currently being worked out will be referred back to the Working Group and, as stated by the Government in its original press release, will be put to the Nature Conservancy Council for their advice as the law requires.

Consistent with the Government of Gibraltar’s environmental policy, any steps taken will be sensitive to the marine environment and be such as to ensure that there is no significant negative impact on the environment, and that they are not detrimental in any way.

The Government has made huge strides in improving marine protection in Gibraltar, something that the Fishing Working Group and GFSA themselves have recognised, and will continue to work alongside these bodies in order to protect our marine life and ensure future enjoyment by the community.