That Spanish professor’s thinking

As usual Spaniards interpret laws to suit their misguided claim, I therefore suggest to the Professor the following....... ‘

The Media.
14th May 2013.
It should not at all surprise the people of Gibraltar when eminent Spaniards continue to flog that the way forward is for the return of the Rock to their domain.
I am utterly disgusted with that Professor’s thinking,having first accepted that Gibraltar is entitled to 12 miles, this coming from the Spaniard who signed up to UNCLOS placing a caveat that Gibraltar, because of its colonial situation was not entitled to any waters except those inside the harbour, this even runs contrary to both his thinking and actions, he follows this up with now insisting that the isthmus is in a different situation since Utrecht did not cede but was usurped by Britain. If this was the case then in 1967 when the UK, as a result of the Spanish air ban, suggested bi-lateral talks to solve the problem the Spanish, instead of taking advantage of the golden opportunity placed on their lap, answered, quote ' that she would only continue talks about the civil aviation problem if Britain first acknowledged Spanish sovereignty over the territory on which the airport is situated and to stop using the airport for military purposes,’ end of quote. If their assertion is to be believed the 1967 suggestion to bi-lateral talks presented them with a golden opportunity to lay claim and recover what they say was stolen. But why did they not do so? Simply because they would have to argue the case in court and explain how it was that in 1729, after the treaty of Seville, the same King surrendered 600 toises i.e 1.949 metres measured from the Northern face of the Rock towards La Linea.
In conclusion, as usual Spaniards interpret laws to suit their misguided claim, I therefore suggest to the Professor the following, ‘ Lex Posterior Derogat Priori’ or put another way Article 103 of the United Nations Charter and to further add fuel to the fire ask him to explain this in March 2009 Por antonomasia ‘El Dia en que Espana recupero Menorca y perdio Gibraltar definitivamente ‘.
Yours faithfully,

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