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The Royal Gibraltar Police would like to advise the general public of several incidents during the past week whereby counterfeit £50.00 sterling (Bank of England) notes have been “passed” as payment for purchases made at several local establishments. A total of 6 reports of “Passing a Counterfeit Currency” have been received, with a total of 8 notes detected and seized.

The following characteristics are highlighted as applicable those ALL notes seized so far: • Bearing the Serial No: AH66 449134 • Bank of England £50.00 sterling notes • Paper is not textured / print quality is significantly poorer than genuine notes • Magnetic strip is noticeably faint A practical guide to checking UK banknotes can be viewed/downloaded at: This hand-out forms part of wider information available on Bank of England notes at This includes a “Bank of England Banknotes” app that can be downloaded for both Apple iOS and Android devices from the respective device stores. The combined prompt reporting of these recent crimes and patrol officer response has already resulted in the following enforcement action: • 33yr old Spanish national Isais FERNANDEZ SANTIAGO, a resident of La Linea, was arrested & charged on 02/01/2016 for Possession and/or Passing Counterfeit Currency following in connection with one incident. • A 22yr old British male resident in Gibraltar was arrested in the early hours of 09/01/2016 for Passing Counterfeit Currency in connection with 2 reports received a short while earlier. He is currently on Police bail pending further enquiries. • A 27yr old British male resident in Gibraltar and a 49yr old Spanish female resident in La Linea were arrested on 09/01/2016 in connection with 2 reports received that same day. They too are on Police bail pending further enquiries.