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The Gibraltar Youth Service are inviting young people to participate in their #Rockthrifters project.

#Rockthrifters is a collaborative project between the Gibraltar Youth Service & Clubhouse Gibraltar, with the vision to create a culture in Gibraltar of buying previously loved items of clothing and to encourage reuse, repurpose and up-cycling of garments.

The idea was inspired from a talk by the Minister for Youth, the Hon Steven Linares, on climate change at the youth centre on 8th July. The initiative aims to encourage the public, and especially young people, to buy less fast fashion as the industry is one of the largest polluters in the world.

This project provides young people with a platform through which they can organise themselves and take on the roles and responsibilities required to carry out this project. Through group work, developing their ideas and marketing them to others through photography and digital marketing, participants would adopt a sense of ownership over the project and develop their leaderships skills. Additionally, collaborating with Clubhouse Gibraltar gives young people the chance to enhance their knowledge on mental health and provides an opportunity for integration for the Clubhouse members.

Some members from the Gibraltar Youth Service have described their experience:

• “Its affordable and you find unique items” – Nanda, 17

• “It makes me feel good as I know I'm not contributing to fast fashion” – Ray, 19

• “I did not expect to find a bargain! I think there is something for everyone there!” – Sophie, 17

Charlene Figueras, Senior Youth Worker, said: “The aim is to deliver a programme that educates young people around the issues of fabric waste. This initiative allows them to understand budgeting skills, encourage them to buy smarter and inspire them to be more creative in how they present themselves and dress by reusing what they have and to be unique.

“We encourage the public to support this project and buy from the Clubhouse charity shop and post their outfits with the @rockthrifters handle and #rockthrifters hashtag to social media”.