Sexual health charity ‘No More Shame Gibraltar’ have launched a new sexual health education leaflet as part of their ‘Let’s Talk About Sex Safety’ Campaign.

The leaflet, which has been designed with advice from sexual health professionals, promotes safe sexual practices, looking at issues such as contraception, protection against STI’s and consent.

No More Shame has worked closely with graphic designer Kayley Linares (Iris Arc Design) who is a founder member of No More Shame and designs most of the charity’s merchandise and branding. It is a striking, colourful leaflet which the recently launched charity hopes will be distributed in pharmacies, bars, clubs and youth events in order to encourage responsible sexual behaviour.

A spokesperson for the charity said “We are really excited to be able to publish this leaflet, and offer it to the public. From its inception No More Shame has wanted to lift the taboo on talking about sexual health and practices, in order to offer people, especially young people, factual, useful information. The aim of the leaflet is to advise on how to protect against unintended pregnancy, sexually transmitted infections and also touches on the subjects of consent, sexual limits and the effects alcohol and drug taking can have on these. The leaflet also contains very important information on what steps to take if anyone has engaged in unprotected sexual behaviour and how to access emergency contraception. No More Shame firmly believes that sexual health education needs to be promoted in an age appropriate way in our schools and youth organisations, in an open, evidence-based manner in order for future generations to act responsibly and be well informed when engaging in safe, healthy sexual relationships. It hopes this leaflet will in some way contribute to this discussion. No More Shame say they are especially proud of the original concept they have developed of the 5 C’s of Safe Sex: Communication, Consent, Contraception, Condoms and Contingency.

The charity have said they are extremely grateful to the public who participated in their fundraising efforts to pay for these leaflets and are confident that the information provided within will leave an invaluable legacy for the younger generation.

Anyone who wishes to obtain copies of these leaflets for distribution please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The leaflets can also be viewed on the charity’s Facebook page “No More Shame.”