L-R Minister Albert Isola, Winner of the Gibraltar Prize Theodora Fairley of BBC News and Rory Bremner Compere of the Ceremony.

Minister for Digital and Financial Services, Albert Isola MP was in London last Monday to represent HM Government of Gibraltar at the Foreign Press Association Awards Ceremony.

HM Government of Gibraltar are one of the main sponsors of this prestigious event held annually which brings together international journalists based in London from all over the world.

The Gibraltar Prize was awarded to the winner of the “TV News Story of the Year” which were the team from BBC News covering the separation of the Uigher and other Muslim families in Western China.

Also attending the Ceremony with Mr Isola were former Governor of Gibraltar Sir Robert Fulton, Gareth Flower, Dominique Searle, Clive Golt, Tim Haynes and a number of international journalists.