Royal Gibraltar Police is carrying out an extensive search for a missing man, UK national James Charles Johnstone 34, who has been living in Gibraltar with family since March this year.

Mr Johnstone was last seen on Sunday afternoon at around 3pm in the area of Queensway, and his disappearance was reported to Police by relatives at 6pm.

He is a tall man, measuring six feet three inches, and was wearing grey trousers, a grey t-shirt, black baseball cap with a white paisley pattern and carrying a rucksack. He had no money and his passport has expired.

Police patrols have been combing the town area, coastline and Upper Rock, and checking CCTV cameras at various locations including the frontier in case he may have crossed to La Linea. The Gibraltar Defence Police has also been contacted for support in search operations.

The Spanish and UK authorities have also been informed and their assistance requested.

Regrettably at present, the extensive search has not yielded any positive result or clue as to Mr Johnstone’s whereabouts.

Members of the public are urged to cooperate if they have any information or have seen Mr Johnstone, by contacting the RGP Control Room on 200 72500.