Left to Right: Mr Mario Maurice Hook, Ms Nadine Marie Collado, Mrs Nyreen Marie Bossano-Llamas, and His Excellency the Governor

Acting on the advice of the Specified Appointments Commission, His Excellency the Governor has today sworn in Mrs Nyreen Marie Bossano-Llamas as a Member, and Ms Nadine Marie Collado FCIS BA (Hons) and Mr Mario Maurice Hook as Additional Members of the Public Services Commission.

All in accordance with Section 54 (2) of the Gibraltar Constitution Order 2006. Additionally, Mrs Gillian Guzman QC was reappointed for three years as a Member.

The Public Service Commission is the statutory body that oversees the Recruitment and Disciplinary processes carried out by HM Government of Gibraltar’s Human Resources Department. The Commission is made up of four members and a Chairman, appointed by His Excellency the Governor, acting on the advice of the Specified Appointments Commission.