Governor’s Meadow First School this week held an Autism Awareness Week involving the whole school community.

Headteacher, Mrs Ferro explained, “the aim of GMFS’s Autism Awareness Week was to build acceptance of everyone’s individual strengths, needs and differences and to celebrate these.

Throughout the week, pupils across the school were involved in a number of interactive class activities. These were led by Mrs Montiel, Special Educational Needs Coordinator, and delivered by the teaching staff. Pupils learned how we can all be a friend to someone with Autism. In building connections, pupils explored how we are all different yet the same in how we can all enjoy playing games and learning new things.

Mrs. Montiel stated, “It is important for the children to look for everyone’s strengths whilst understanding that some of us may need a little more time to answer questions, understand routines and make friends. As a school community we all need to help each other by being kind and patient.

The school entrance was beautifully decorated with pupils’ individual puzzle pieces. This is the international symbol for Autism. Deputy Headteacher, Mr Latin added, “This shows how we are all individuals and part of one whole puzzle.

The week culminated with a ‘Stand out for Autism Day’ on Friday 5th April where pupils wore their brightly coloured T-shirts to school.

This has been an excellent initiative where GMFS pupils have enjoyed and explored how we can all help and understand each other.