Twelve Student nurses from the Gibraltar Health Authority’s School of Health Studies (SHS) recently organised and participated in a 24 hour walk in aid of the Gibraltar Cardiac Association.

The students, together with registered participants, took turns to walk around the Victoria Stadium’s track during a 24 hour period. The event took place at the Victoria Stadium between Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th of September 2018. A total of £10,151 was raised from the event, with all the proceeds being donated to the Gibraltar Cardiac Association.

The aim of the event was to raise funds and awareness on heart and cardiovascular diseases in Gibraltar. A student nurse, who participated and helped organise the event, commented: “Organising walk the beat has been a challenge, but extremely fulfilling. Our aim was to raise awareness and help the Cardiac Association financially, as it is a relatively new charity. The support we received was overwhelming, and we are delighted to have raised £10,151 for such a worthy cause.

Principal Lecturer of the SHS, James Viñales added that: “as part of the BSc (Hons) nursing programme, students are encouraged to engage in extracurricular charity work within Gibraltar. It is a huge achievement to organise such an event and raise the amount of money that they have for such an important and worthy cause. The charitable work and engagement of the Gibraltar public is essential, as, at some point, Gibraltarians will require our health services, and they will be nursed by the students. I am extremely proud of the student nurses, both past and present, who have engaged in charity work throughout Gibraltar.

Chairperson of the Gibraltar Cardiac Association, Suyenne Catania, stated: “The Gibraltar Cardiac Association is extremely grateful to this group of GHA students who took time out of their studies to organise 'Walk the beat' and raise both awareness and money for our charity. It was a most challenging event, which proved to be a success and will now form part of our bi-annual calendar. Being a new charity, we are overwhelmed with the generous amount of money which has been raised thanks to the support of our community and the hard work and dedication of a team of student nurses, whose vocation has gone beyond their call of duty. You are a credit to our health service and the GHA.”

The Minister for Health, Care and Justice, the Honourable Neil F. Costa MP, said: “I would like to sincerely thank and congratulate the student nurses for their outstanding efforts in helping raise over £10,000 for the Gibraltar Cardiac Association and helping to raise awareness locally on cardiovascular diseases. Their achievements are especially admirable, given they have organised the event in their spare time, whilst, at the same time, working very hard towards their challenging studies. The dedication and kindness they have demonstrated in planning and taking part in this event signals that the future of nursing in Gibraltar is in excellent hands.