The Deputy Chief Minister Dr Joseph Garcia has held separate meetings in London with the Secretary General of the Commonwealth Baroness Scotland and with the UK Minister responsible for the Commonwealth Lord Ahmad.

Dr Garcia took the opportunity to explain the contribution made by Gibraltar in organisations like the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association, the Commonwealth Telecommunications Union and the Commonwealth Games. He highlighted how the values, the traditions and the history of Commonwealth have considerable resonance in Gibraltar where we are proud of our connections with the Commonwealth family.

In keeping with the tradition started last year, the Office of the Deputy Chief Minister in conjunction with the Department of Education, will be organising separate essay competitions on a Commonwealth theme for children of Middle and Secondary School age. The aim is to present the awards to the winners around Commonwealth Day, which this year will be on Monday 12th March.

Commenting on the meetings in London, the Deputy Chief Minister said: “It was a real pleasure to meet with the Secretary General who was already well acquainted and informed about Gibraltar in general, particularly given her tenure as UK Minister of States for the Overseas Territories. Indeed, she started the Overseas Territories Consultative Council that has today developed into the Joint Ministerial Council of Overseas Territories leaders.

“I had already met Lord Ahmad when he served as Minister for Aviation, and it was particularly welcoming to meet him again in his new role as Minister for Commonwealth, which includes responsibility for the UK Overseas Territories.

“The Government is keen to develop further our links with Commonwealth organisations and different Commonwealth countries at a time when we prepare to leave the European Union.”