"We are extremely proud to continue our drive for a modern, up-to-date health service that serves every member of our community, in particular, to those most in need. In this, an elegant demonstration of the Gibraltar Health Authority working in partnership with our community, is the opening of the brand new and purpose built Isaac and Rachel Levy Lymphoedema Clinic."

Staffed by trained GHA nurses, but fully funded by Mr James Levy CBE QC, the Lymphoedema Clinic, based in the Primary care Centre, is an impressive and modern facility designed to care for patients suffering with this long-term chronic condition.

Lymphoedema is swelling and fluid retention in areas of the body caused by damage or a blockage of the body’s natural lymph fluid drainage system. This condition is very difficult to treat and needs management with fluid drainage-assisting massage and equipment, which provides pressure waves up a limb to move fluid away from a swollen area. The relief from the constant pressure of fluid retention when a patient completes a treatment is enormous and extremely rewarding to see.

Mr James Levy CBE QC said “My wife, family and I are delighted to have been of some help in the refurbishing of this small but important facility for the GHA. We are honoured that it should bear my parents’ name and we are very grateful for the opportunity given to us to participate in this project”.

Dr Krishna Rawal, Deputy Medical Director, stated: “I am so pleased to see how the Primary Care Centre is working with our community to develop and deliver some truly important services, so we can improve our care of patients who have very specific medical needs. It has been a privilege to work with Mr James Levy on this project; his willingness to help and the bonds we have strengthened have made this a high point of my year. It is my genuine belief that we are all part of the team when it comes to caring for our precious community.”

Minister for Health, Care and Justice, the Honourable Neil F. Costa MP said: “While we strive every day to improve all our services, some services need particular attention and energy. The Isaac and Rachel Levy Lymphoedema Clinic is an excellent example of a team of professionals from different areas coming together with a clear focus to provide something truly noteworthy. My deepest gratitude to Mr James Levy CBE QC for his help and belief in our health services and to the health care professionals whose vision has brought this flagship project to reality.