Upon the return of the Deputy Chief Minister to Gibraltar from the Joint Ministerial Council on Gibraltar’s Exit from the European Union, the Chief Minister will convene a meeting of the Parliamentary Select Committee on Exiting the European Union in order to brief GSD and independent Opposition MPs and keep them abreast of recent developments.

The Deputy Chief Minister will provide the briefings alongside Mr Picardo.

These briefings will be confidential and will allow Hon Mr Picardo and Hon Dr Garcia to share some of the more sensitive information available to the Government with Members of Parliament about the progress of discussions and the expected effect of recent events and agreements for Gibraltar.

There have already been two informal briefings of Opposition MPs, including Independents, to date. The Government envisages continuing with this process until Gibraltar’s departure from the European Union has been finalised.

The Chief Minster said: “It is important that, at this sensitive time for Gibraltar, we are as united as we are able to be on issues which arise from the Brexit negotiations. That is the best way to protect the interests of Gibraltar and of future generations. Much of what we read in the international press is relevant to Gibraltar, but not necessarily in the way that matters are interpreted by commentators who are considering things from the perspective of other jurisdictions. We have to be clear about where Gibraltar’s interests lie and the Deputy Chief Minister and I will, therefore, continue to brief GSD and independent MPs on the information and analysis available to the Government and on what is informing our thinking as we take these discussions and negotiations forward.