The Deputy Chief Minister Dr Joseph Garcia travelled to Northern Ireland today to attend a number of meetings related to the United Kingdom and Gibraltar’s departure from the European Union.

Dr Garcia will meet both politicians and officials in Belfast in order to learn more about the situation surrounding the border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. He will also explain the circumstances surrounding the border between Gibraltar and Spain.

He will separately speak on this issue at the party conference of the Democratic Unionists. This is the first time that the Government of Gibraltar has been represented at this event. This year the Chief Minister or the Deputy Chief Minister have already attended the Conservative, Labour, Liberal Democrat and Scottish National Party conferences in order to put across the Gibraltar point of view on Brexit.

This continues the engagement that the Government has had with the Devolved Administrations since the referendum decision in June last year. It will be recalled that Dr Garcia was invited to address a meeting of the British-Irish Parliamentary Assembly in December and that the Attorney General Michael Llamas led a technical visit to Northern Ireland at that time.