The Ministry for Economic Development has been hosting a four-day trade mission led by Minister Counsellor from China’s London Embassy. It will explore the potential for increasing the commercial relationship between Gibraltar and China.

The visiting delegation consists of the following:

Chinese Embassy in the UK

1. Mr Jin Xu, Minister Counsellor for Economic and Commercial Affairs

2. Mr Huang Hongyong, First Secretary

3. Mr Zheng Jiang, First Secretary

4. Ms Huang Tianjiao, Third Secretary

5. Ms Chen Meichen, Third Secretary

China Council for the Promotion of International Trade

6. Ms Zhang Huijuan, Chief Representative

7. Ms Xu Manman, Assistant Representative

China Development Bank London Office

8. Ms Xu Yan, Chief Representative

9. Mrs Yi Shubiao, General Manager, Business Development

Department of Commerce of Hunan Province London Office

10. Mr Liu Yinghuai, Chief Representative China Re London Office

11. Ms Yuan Ting, Chief Representative Wanda Group London Office

12. Mr Chen Hong, Managing Director