The Easter holidays have been a fun and busy time for the Gibraltar Youth Service. As well as Laguna’s Spring Fun Day, Dolphin’s Youth Club hosted an Open Day on Wednesday 12th April.

The Open Day was the culmination of weeks of planning and preparation, and aimed at raising the community’s awareness of the club and encouraging new membership. It was a successful event with young people and families taking part in the fun activities.

Plater and Dolphin’s members also took part in tours of New Mole Police Station and visited the RGP dog handlers. On the tour, the groups had the opportunity to visit the CSI department and learn about the custody suite and cells. The dog handlers and sniffer dogs demonstrated their ability to sniff out drugs, explosives and any other hidden items of interest.

The clubs would like to thank the RGP for their continued commitment to community and partnership work with the Youth Service, and hope the two organisations continue to work together for the local community. They also thank all those that enjoyed the club events.

For further information on becoming a youth club member, or for any general information about the Gibraltar Youth Service please contact Mark Zammit, Principal Youth Officer on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 20078637.