The Department of Employment has printed a leaflet that provides essential information to anyone considering setting up a business, trade or profession in Gibraltar. It will also inform employees of the statutory minimum and their entitlement.

The leaflet can be obtained from the Labour Inspectorate Offices at Unit 76, New Harbours, and online on

It contains important information on:

- Registration

- Notification of Vacancies

- Termination of employment

- Detached Workers

- Annual leave and sick leave entitlements

- Required periods of notice and redundancy pay

- Employment legislation links

The Department of Employment is always available to provide information, guidance and advice to both employers and employees. Businesses and the general public are reminded that the department is there to serve their needs and should not hesitate to contact them on 20011037 for any queries they may have.

The Department say it is committed to provide the community with a first class service that they deserve and should expect.

Commenting on the above, the Minister for Tourism, Employment, Commercial Aviation and the Port, the Honourable Gilbert Licudi QC MP, said: ‘The Department for Employment has, for the first time, published this essential information in an easily accessible way. I am confident that this leaflet will be a valuable resource and point-of-reference for both employers and employees’.