The John Mackintosh Hall Library is pleased to announce the donation of over 400 books to the children’s section of the library. These books were kindly donated by Baby STEPPs, and are comprised of reading and educational books for children from 0-8 years old.

A touchscreen computer, suitable for early use, also formed part of the donation.

Kate Llufrio, chairperson of BabySTEPPs charity, had the following to say about the donation: “On discussion with staff at the John Mackintosh Hall, we have used funds raised in a family funday to invest in a huge collection of toddler and preschooler books including those with interactive features such as puppets as well as well-loved titles. The collection also boasts a range of audiobooks and dual language Spanish/English story books. These will be useful to support and promote bilingual language development.

“We also purchased an all-in-one touchscreen computer, with a subscription to online educational resources from Importantly, this allows primary school age children to continue their learning outside the classroom as this same website will be familiar to them from their use inside schools”.