The Government gave notice today that it intends to move a motion at the renewed sitting of the Parliament in the following terms:

"This House:

REGRETS that the outcome of the referendum of 23 June 2016 on whether the United Kingdom and Gibraltar should remain in the European Union or should leave resulted in an overall decision to leave;

NOTES the statement made by the United Kingdom Government that Gibraltar will be “fully involved” in the formulation of the United Kingdom’s policy in relation to a potential withdrawal from the European Union known as “Brexit”;

WELCOMES the declared intention of the Government and the Opposition to cooperate in determining both the impact on Gibraltar of a potential withdrawal from the European Union and Gibraltar’s future relationship with the European Union;

CONSIDERS that the formal structure to take this cooperation forward should be a Select Committee of this House which will be known as the Select Committee on the EU;

BELIEVES that the composition of the Select Committee should reflect the composition of the Parliament;

HEREBY RESOLVES the establishment of a Select Committee to report to the House on these matters consisting of four Members nominated by the Chief Minister, two Members nominated by the Leader of the Opposition and the Independent Member of Parliament.”